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Book-A-Mentor (BAM) provides a platform for entrepreneurs, startups, and large organizations to identify, assess, and recruit world-class executive advisors.

Being mentored is one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities you can get. Having the guidance, encouragement, and support of a trusted and experienced advisor can provide an organization with a broad range of personal and professional benefits.

of executives say mentoring played a key role in the growth of their business. 

of mentees are able to apply their learning directly in their lives and businesses. 

of Fortune 500 companies use mentoring programs or hire event speakers.

of businesses with mentors reap the benefits by seeing increased revenue.


Tell us a little bit about your business needs and we will the have a search for the expertise you need with our mentors.

Request a Mentor

Tell us a little bit about your business needs and we will do a search for the expertise you need from our mentors.

Hand-Selected Talent

We then search through our mentor database, and once we’ve matched you with a mentor, we will connect you.

Meet Virtually

The suggested mentor’s profile will have available times to book an appointment. Simply pick a time and book a mentor in minutes.


Expand your perspective with multiple viewpoints and angles for solving problems. Our mentors give startups the confidence to collaborate with trusted sources, ensuring you have a smooth and safe journey to your destination.

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Get expert advice for your small business that is actionable, measurable, and tailored to your unique business challenges. Our startup mentors have helped grow businesses into the millions.

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Starting your journey in the nonprofit world, you probably had someone you could rely on for advice every now and then. But even if you didn’t have mentors, you probably wish that you did.

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Our mentors can update you on new trends in marketing channels and put your organization at the forefront of your field in no time.

Get experts in technology who can help you develop automated systems and offer real-value solutions to all your technical challenges.

Our finance mentors make sure your organization is on the right track to better financial decisions and financial health.


For those starting out in real estate who don't want to start from scratch. Our mentors can take you from zero to one hundred in just days.


Benefit from experts who have raised funds for non-profits and startups. In the past, these experts have helped speed up the success of businesses.

Book a mentor to instill better leadership attitudes and practices in your organization. You’ll see the difference in productivity and employee morale.


Our pool of experts in software as a service will translate their expertise into advice that SaaS businesses can leverage for growth.


Our mentors are familiar with all the ins and outs of Human Resources, whether it's for a small or large organization, a for-profit, or a non-profit.


Our E-Com advisors implement solutions that drive profits in online commerce, enhance business productivity, and improve business outcomes.

Book Mentors In One Click

Book-A-Mentor provides an innovative platform to vet credentialed advisors, ensuring corporations get the best executive advisor to help grow their business. Our team will match you with 3-4 available mentors.

Your Mentoring Conversations in one place

Chat directly with your mentors using Book-A-Mentor’s instant messaging tools from right within your mentor dashboard. This lets you communicate directly with your mentor before you book an appointment with them on their profile.


Meeting with your mentors is done virtually through our secure video conferencing software. You simply book the mentor on their profile and choose a time that’s convenient for you for an introductory chat. 


Send direct messages to advisors via their profile to engage in one-on-one conversations. You can browse among mentors by expertise or by location and choose who’s perfect for you. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "I'm so grateful to be paired with my amazing Mentor, Diane Arnold. Ms. Arnold shared with me such valuable real-world knowledge that surpasses any information I can get from just a book. I always look forward to our meetings, not only are they memorable, but we always end them with a quote that has great significance in our lives."

    Fabien Huertas, Student Mentee ,
  • “My experience with the Mentor Program was amazing! I loved my mentor and she has taught me so much valuable information and given me such great career and life advice. I have been exposed to various different opportunities because of this program and I am overall very satisfied with the outcome.”

    Samantha Gonzalez, Student Mentee, ,
  • “The mentor program contributed to my professional development by giving me insight to aspects of marketing myself not just my degree. It also helped me develop relationships with other business professionals and expand my network.”

    Leonard Lee, Student Mentee ,
  • “The mentor has been a challenging asset and very instrumental to growing my professional career. Jordan and Taryn helped me find what my passion is within the supply chain industry. They gave me real life experience and skill sets to transition into the workforce confidence and motivated.”

    Samantha Hoover, Student Mentee ,

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