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REQUEST A MENTOR and we’ll send you four mentor recommendations WITH SUMMARY ON HOW THEY CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. You WILL BE CONTACTED BY THOSE MENTORS, AND YOU choose which ones you want to work with. You can contact all four before you make up your mind, if you want. That’s it! Easy-peasy!


Is your marketing department fully conversant with the latest trends in their field? Do they need a boost when it comes to new and clever ideas for marketing concepts? Are they stuck in a rut, doing the same-old-same-old? Has your organization’s marketing lost its sparkle? Could they use a little inspiration? What they need is a marketing mentor—and we have a number of such people signed up with us. Meeting with one of them will be just the ticket to reinvigorate your organization’s marketing.


Does your organization’s HR department need a bit of a boost? Are they conversant with the latest rules and regs that govern hiring, firing, and everything in between? Do they make the best choices when selecting new hires—or is your hiring hit-or-miss? Are you happy with your employees? Our mentors are familiar with all the ins and outs of HR, whether for a large or small organization, a for-profit or a not-for-profit. Take advantage of their knowledge. Click here and we’ll send you a selection of names of mentors who are qualified to guide your HR department and help them going forward. Don’t wait!


Does your company’s tech team (or solo tech individual) need help and advice? Perhaps they need to be brought up to speed on recent advances in the tech field. Perhaps they need help in solving a specific problem. We can help! Book one of our technology mentors to come to your location and instruct and guide your team or individual). Click here and we’ll send you names and contact info of several suitable technology mentors. You choose the one you want. This person will meet with your team or individual, work with them, and update their knowledge and fill in any gaps.


How will a finance mentor help you? Whether you are part of a corporation or other organization, or are an individual looking for financial guidance, we can connect you with a finance mentor who specializes in either corporate, non-profit, or personal finance and can help you with financial decisions, financial organization, and all manner of matters financial. Just click here and let us take it from there. We’ll send you the names of a number of financial mentors for you to choose from among…and you or your organization are on your way to better financial decisions and sound financial health.


How will your organization benefit from hearing a speaker address them? Or maybe you’re looking for a speaker for a stockholders’ meeting, charity function, or other special event. We have speakers of varying slants with varying areas of expertise, from general motivation to specific fields. Do you want a morale-booster? Someone to instill more cooperative attitudes in your people? Do you need to address productivity? Creativity? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to address a meeting or other event. What’s your organization’s need? All you have to do is request a mentor, and we’ll send you a selection of names of speakers who can address employee meetings, corporate events, or even small groups. It’s your choice—and to your benefit.

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