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As a Clarity and Happiness Coach, Christina energizes and prepares achievement-driven leaders, professionals, and engineers to be more effective, courageous, intentional, and collaborative. She empowers others to do difficult work, improve their confidence and sense of self/identity, feel comfortable navigating uncertainty and conflict, create boundaries, be less critical, communicate more clearly, and manage their time, energy, and expectations. Her coaching style is fluid and intuition-oriented. It blends fun with practicality and focuses on creating possibilities that match the client. It’s authentic, direct and challenging yet supportive. Clients will have an increased awareness of who they are, what they care about, what they control, their way of doing things, and how they are energized. They are released from limitations and are able to clearly hold and communicate their stance while allowing room for growth, balance, freedom, and flexibility. They develop clarity and confidence in making decisions, taking action, and navigating uncertainty. Achievers, workaholics, perfectionists, people pleasers, rebels, personal development junkies, and over-thinkers craving more fun, laughter, and happiness are my favorite clients. She acts as a sounding board, devil’s advocate, confidante, coach, mentor and facilitator to get clients where they want to be quickly. Her greatest joy is playing with her nieces and nephews. Before coaching full-time, she was an influential business professional leading multifunctional teams in project execution, product development, process improvement, and strategic planning. She has completed extensive training in leadership coaching and is the author of The Happiness Workbook: Rise Up, Happiness Soldiers. Christina completed her Finance degree and Masters in Regional and Community Planning at Kansas State University. She is certified with the International Coach Federation and is Master Lean Coach certified.

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