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I help professionals and executives think differently and confront uncertainty & change I have, at times, been labelled the unflappable and wise coach. Holding key management and leadership roles within the corporate arena for more than 20 years, I was regarded as the ‘go to’ person on a range of corporate areas including employee coaching, mentoring, employee rights, nationwide policies, procedures and rollout of systems, demonstrating the high regard held for me by the corporations. My success lies in my use of Emotional Intelligence and led me to learn all about the Brain and evidence-based approaches to achieve success in all areas of life. In a workplace society where generational diversity is at the forefront of employee relationships, Dealing with a teenage daughter piqued my interest in this area. I teach employees the skills in how to better understand generational differences and how to use these skills to work more cohesively as a team, also educating management in how to communicate with and lead different generations, effectively engaging each individual’s key strengths and improvement within the business. The key here is experiences, beliefs, habits and mindset. I have worked in or with a variety of industries over time. I started in banking, then moved to retail followed by government, Telecommunications and education sectors. I have helped businesses in the financial sector, IT, graphic design and consulting to name a few. I have also worked with entrepreneurs in varying fields grow their business and professional expertise. I have spent 20+ years providing coaching and mentoring to managers at all levels in the corporate world. This ranged from coaching in hiring the right people to how to engage staff and grow productivity and how to deal with various blockers. I had provided management coaching & mentoring to leaders in various divisions of Corporations that stood out as high performing teams that consistently overachieved on targets. I have also coached small business owners in achieving business goals, mindset and work-life balance. and am a certified Habit Practitioner.

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