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Army Civilian ✦ Professional Life Coach ✦ Global Career Coach ✦ Mentor for Aspiring Leaders ✦ Transition ✦ Personal Growth ✦ Management ✦ Leadership ✦ As a career coach with a background in civil service with the Army Corps of Engineers, I help aspiring leaders who feel stagnant in their current positions to change their career paths, be promoted, and improve the quality of their lives. Having spent half my career working overseas, I have experienced all these changes myself, while always living by my strong values: ➤ BE OF SERVICE: As Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” My calling is to mentor and coach people and pass the baton to the future as it was passed to me. Coaching is a two-way, synergistic process in which both parties learn about themselves. ➤ BE DIFFERENT: Being successful requires stepping outside your comfort zone. In my own career, I constantly learned new skills, went places where others were not willing to go, and volunteered for different projects that challenged me to grow. I support my clients to do the same. ➤ GROW FROM A SOLID FOUNDATION: People start to change by minimizing the impact of limiting beliefs from the past and building a better foundation for the future based on new beliefs. ➤ LISTEN: I ask powerful questions that guide people to identify realistic goals and strategize how they can meet them. ➤ LEAD BY EXAMPLE: As a leader, I build and nurture relationships, complete my work correctly and on time, and strive to be ethical, fair, and reasonable. If I tell you I’m going to do something, I do it. My team members and my clients are inspired to live with integrity. SPECIALTIES: Life Coaching | Career Coaching | Mentoring | Strategic Planning | Goal Setting | Leadership | Communication | Emotional Intelligence | Entrepreneurship | Personal Development & Empowerment | Personal Growth | Team Building | Stress Management | NLP | Relationship Building

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