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Katie Kamara, BA, PCC, AP, DM, ABNLP, C.HYP, C.PSTP, C.COUNS, HonPhDM (aka. MULTI-DISCIPLINARY PRACTITIONER OF PSYCHOLOGY & ALT. THERAPIES) BA in Social Work, HonPh.D Metaphysics, Life Coach Practitioner (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology), Professional Certified Coach (ICF- International Coaching Federation), (IEA -International Enneagram Association) Accredited Professional (AP), Neuro-Linguistic Programmer ABNLP (assoc, Certified Member by the American Board of Hypnotherapy & the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapist C.Hyp (CTAA Member), Psychotherapist C.PSTP (CTAA Member). Professional Counselor C.COUNS (CTAA Member), Corporate Adviser, and Civil Celebrant. ​Katie is the Founder and Head Coach of Soma Fusion, a personal coaching firm dedicated to helping everyday humans, explorers and entrepreneurs who are committed to making an impact in the world. As an executive life and leadership coach, entrepreneur and traveler, clients have referred to her as a guardian angel and inspiration for their dreams. A prolific international author in self- help, her mission is to help clients build a life beyond “Should” that allows for more self-expression, abundance and authenticity than ever before. https://www.soma-fusion.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Katie is also the Founder of Soma Fusion Media LLC. Soma Fusion Media LLC is a media production & book publishing company that explores the biggest names in the industry; the frontiers of consciousness, spirituality, personal growth, the emerging paradigms in psychology, health, various sciences and innovative philosophies that reflect commitment to the advancement of individual, social and global awareness. People will discover that there are no rules to follow or methods to learn. Being in the moment can transform even an ordinary circumstance into a profoundly moving catalyst whilst living in the moment. www.somfusionmedia.com https://bit.ly/2JJh22o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Katie Kamara (also known as Katie Neely and Katherine Anne) is an 12 time Published International Australian-born American Multi-genre Author & Poet, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host/Producer/Audio Engineer, Indie Film producer, and Co-Founder and Business Consultant of Neely Worldwide Publishing/Neely Productions Inc and The Global Enlightenment Radio Network. Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, (now residing in Washington D.C) and a country girl at heart, she has a distinct passion and obsession in the world of creative writing, being dubbed by an Australian independent publisher as ‘extremely prolific’ (Editor in Chief of Little Raven Publishing- Melbourne, Australia). Katie has a REAL passion for the importance of ‘back-to-basics’ of old-fashioned Romance and Sacred Duality of Love. Starting out as a writer, in the first genre Katie is well known for; Erotic Romance & Self Help, she wrote with one goal in mind: bringing fantasy to life through Eroticism and Tantras, Romance, Philosophy, Spiritualism and Relationship Life Coaching based on real-life experiences. Three interlinked yet separately important matters. Without love and intimacy our lives would be empty. Without relationships, life would be impossible. The point of The Velvet Rope Wisdom and The Velvet Rope Erotica is to help you think about your life, your love, your relationships; whether it be the relationship with your spouse, children or your family. As much as we are all completely different, we are also all the same. Katie Kamara focuses on empowering men and women to live their truth, be love in the world, live extremely grateful, and free from and all things that cause one to live small, blocked, fearful and stuck. Katie speaks to worldwide audiences inspiring them to love and see the best in themselves before others. Katie’s style of spiritual influence, leads men and women in unleashing their full potential while creating a level of positive change that they have been desiring. She hopes her books helps you grow in your relationships, love better and enjoy life more. ​Inspiring fans and loved by fans all around the world, and dubbed by a few Hollywood celebrity industry professionals, executive and story producers alike, as ‘the next JK Rowling of Erotica’. Katie is being compared with the likes of Author Zane and 50 Shades of Grey and an empathetic motivational relationship therapist with the life experience to match. Katie's book Anthology “The Velvet Rope Erotica” is an exploration of Erotic Sexual Desires, Darkest Fantasies, Sexuality, Romance and Philosophy through creative writing of short stories, poetry and quotes of wisdom. Explore explicitly her deepest darkest fantasies. Sparks of lustful desire that will make you surrender with a passion that sends shivers all through your body. Katie is one author that knows all too much what its like to be censored for the exploration of the human condition in many ways. ​In her words..... "If I can chase one tear away from you, if I can make you smile, if I can light a candle of hope in your heart, if I can remind you that all of life adores you, and if I can shine a light on the darkness that surrounds you, then I have loved as God loves. I am satisfied." - Katie Kamara, The Velvet Rope Wisdom. ​As Katie grew with her many writing talents, she wanted to explore other genres of writing, with the love of motherhood, being a mother of 5 children and grandmother of 1, Katie under a different pen name wrote her first children's book based on the relationship one of her children had at a young age with a monkey; a teddy they could not be parted from, thus titled 'My Little Monkey Loves Me'. Katie also has natural talents in the Kitchen. An old school cook at heart, who believes cooking from scratch is something many have forgotten or know how to do due to many foods being made available at 'ready made convenience', Katie chose to help others to learn how to cook, to make beautiful home cooked meals themselves. A Beginner's guide to baking is just the beginning of what she calls her foodie revolution for all ages. Testimonies: "Hey Katie, I must say hun, you are most definitely on your way to the top. You are one talented young lady. I truly enjoyed your book. Your book took me where your intention was to take me. I felt like i was watching a good movie and reading it for the second time. If you have anymore of your work you definitely deserve my coins and I'll support anything you write. You have a gift hunni. Keep up the good work luv. ~♥ @my2boyzmylife" (After reading the book titled Velvet Rope Erotica) "Your work is erotic and open. Your significant other must be very satisfied. Too many don't realize how spiritual making love is. When it is spiritual, you realize that the most important thing is taking the other person to other realms where they, maybe, have never been. Even if you, yourself, don't orgasm"... in relation to your writes, one in particular i came across --- "I'm gonna call you when my soul yearns for you. When my ears burn to hear your sweet voice in my ear lobes. I'm gonna call you to tell you to come over because I want to kiss you and get high for all of your kisses and make love to you because I want to and because I'm addicted to your energy."...... I see why your work relates to so many, i wonder how many read your work in the essence that those whom read it, don't give/receive what they could potentially deserve to be given. Through your knowledge and experience of Tantras you have managed to develop a higher level of sexual consciousness to a level that people understand through words. Through that experience you understand the knowledge behind true eroticism and sacred love and it is a gift you truly have. For that i thank you, its given me and my partner new life. Don't stop writing.” - Your loyal fan.... (*publicly posted (with permission) as anonymous as fan did not want to be named.) "You are a terrific writer because your soul has been linked with people who's very existence radiates love. There are days when we feel like we are nothing because the world is nothing and it has nothing to offer but given to us is a new hope. She our heroine and her name means peace and healing to this decaying society. Who is she? Katie Kamara... Her words build roads that stretch across your heart and mind and it find a place to build a new community of thoughts that well help thrive in a place that has only one rule love thy neighbor as thy self. So when you search for don't look for a bird or a plane simply go to your face book page where she will be there to guide you...." - Stewart, South Carolina, USA https://katiekamara.com https://www.neelyproductionsinc.com/ https://www.globalenlightenmentradionetwork.com/

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