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"The average career lasts 40 plus years.  I have two pieces of advice. First, know your Self. All you have is your character. It's your brand.  And secondly, don't be in a rush.  Do things the right way, every time, and everything else will work out." I've spent a career in sales and marketing roles.  The majority of my career was spent building high performance sales teams for large companies like Time Inc., The Disney Channel, Pearson Education and McGraw Hill Education. Most recently, I've worked with small Ed Tech companies Area9 Lyceum and Speak App Conversifi helping them build their sales teams and strategy.   ​I love learning.  And in many respects I'm self taught.  Swim. Ski. Golf. Photography. Most recently heavy construction equipment and websites.  "Necessity is the mother of Invention".  This is aptly applied to learning as well.   I've done just about everything my way; sometimes the hard way.  As in - hard lessons learned.  That's the Maverick in me.   But I also know learning and development isn't an isolated activity.  Especially when it comes to navigating your career.  Fortunately, I've had great mentors - both formal and informal who've helped shape my career.  And while I've certainly "stepped in it" more than a few times, it has helped shape the maverick leader in me.  Never waste a failure. And after 30+ years, I know a lot about building a career – I have stories to tell, lessons learned. And, a deep understanding of what it requires to build and sustain a strong personal brand throughout a career.   Teaching, mentoring and coaching at all levels and abilities is my passion.  I love helping people exceed their own expectations and to maximize their potential.   My principles are grounded in a strong leadership philosophy and ethic which includes a focus on talent and building a winning culture where accountability, action and strong positive attitude are the common denominators.   ​Interested in learning more? Let's connect.

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