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I’m a Canadian from Ottawa, but live most of the year in my amazing home on Koh Lanta, a small remote island in southern Thailand. I’m in my 60's, healthy, active and I totally love cats. I also love life and welcome new experiences, challenges and possibilities as these make my life exciting. And it sure has been? And will continue to be as I’ve consciously chosen to be positive, to seek out my things to learn and to continuously grow as I journey through life. I’ve spent over 25 years as a business analysis consultant on high technology projects around the world. I’m the one that goes to the airport Monday morning and doesn’t get back until late Thursday night. On the road I live in a hotel, work 12-16 hour days, and am constantly upgrading my technical skills. Many of my clients are in Ottawa, but I’ve been lucky enough to have had contracts for projects in the US, Thailand, Kenya and Chile, as well as in Calgary, Toronto and on Prince Edward Island in Canada. I’m also an MBA and have Ph.D. in Business. I have lots of academic publications and have taught university business courses for years. My specialities are organizational behaviour, organizational theory and international business. The doctoral thesis focused on the expatriate experience, which is still my research favourite topic. I find expatriates in foreign countries so interesting and am always inquiring into their stories and analyzing their lifestyles. For sure my consulting life is full of stress big time. I manage it with distance running and by practicing yoga. I’ve crossed the marathon finish line over 25 times and I’m not done with marathons yet. My finishing time isn’t important. For me running isn’t about the time, it’s about the experience: how good I feel. I joined Book a Mentor as I want to help others with whatever they need help with. Whether it's understanding theory, a problem or an issue. I can help you analyze something with a process that you can follow again and again. If you need help with an assignment, or even someone to brainstorm an idea with, I can help you. Be sure to check out my websites: www.thehappycat.ca and www.volunteer-fundraising-simplified.com I look forward to interacting with you - Perley-Ann