Book a leadership speaker for your university

Book a leadership speaker for your university

Could your college or university benefit from having a leadership speaker address your students? Whether it’s for graduation, a special weekend or other event, or just an assembly, your students will benefit from an inspiring talk delivered by a polished leadership speaker.

It’s a sad fact that today not all students are as motivated as we would like them to be. They go through the motions but spend more time on Greek life and keggers than they do on their studies.

Then there are those who are truly interested yet are clueless, floundering. They have the ambition but don’t know what to do with it. They need direction. They need motivation. They need guidance.

Getting that diploma (and the knowledge that earns it) is only half the battle. What are they going to do with their lives after they graduate? Will they be the leaders of tomorrow? Or are they ill-equipped? 

The right speaker can motivate a good number of your students—both the ones who are just going through the motions and the ones who really want to succeed, yet don’t have a clear plan for a life path in front of them. 

The right speaker can make a difference both in your students’ future lives and in their participation and grades right here, right now, while they are still studying in your institution. 

And we have the speakers!

We have leadership speakers who can rouse your students from either lack of direction or apathy and motivate them—motivate them to apply themselves to their studies now and motivate them to succeed in their lives after graduation.

The success people make of themselves in life is often seen as a reflection on the school they attended. How do your graduates reflect on your school? Are they a credit to your institution? 

Give them a good head start. Inspire them! Book a leadership speaker for an upcoming event—or create an event especially to showcase the speaker.

We make it easy with our three-step process. Sign up. Fill out a form. And choose from among the four names we offer you. It’s that simple!

Book a leadership speaker today!

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