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Large corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs are searching book a mentor to find a mentor. We provide them with the profiles of world-renowned mentors. That’s YOU!

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You help marketing teams develop processes. 


You have trained executive staff leadership principles in the past.


You teach marketing and sales teams how to perform better. 

Real Estate

You have closed Million Dollar deals in Real Estate.


Familiar with all the ins and outs of HR, whether for a large or small organization.


You have helped startups and entrepreneurs grow their business with fund-raising strategies.



You speak at large conferences on behalf of companies.


You have experience in manufacturing and outsourcing.


You specialize in either corporate, non-profit or for-profit finances.

Mentor Benefits

Let’s face it: so much of people’s mental energies is spent on ourselves — our hopes, our fears, our anxieties, our next Big Plan, our goals for the future. Having a mentee — who indeed has his or her own hopes and fears and plans — forces us to occasionally stop thinking about ourselves and transcend our egotism, not just a few times a year but on a consistent basis. That’s why becoming a mentor is one of the best choices you can make. 

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Our mission is to provide excellent mentorship opportunities to companies and businesses. These companies are looking to increase staff morale and production with training and coaching from some of the world’s leading mentors in areas that impact the bottom line.
Together, we have ten years of experience helping thousands of Mentors, Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers develop their skills and market their businesses. After carefully researching and analyzing how companies hire speakers, trainers, and consultants, we have designed a practical way to connect Fortune 500 and large corporations, smaller companies, charities, and other organizations with mentors of high caliber.

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I have already gotten my first 3 leads. I highly recommend you become a mentor on Book A Mentor if you're looking to scale your business and get connected with great companies.
Dave Ferguson
Founder of Living To Lead
I get to collaborate with other mentors within a private community. This is really helpful for when I'm looking for suggestions or advice on what I can do to improve my mentoring.
Divya Parekh
Executive Coach
If you're looking to get more leads into your mentoring business from startups and corporations, then signing up for Book A Mentor as a mentor is a sure bet. I have already received 6 leads.
Bob Kittridge
CEO of The Kittridge Connection

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each mentee is allowed only one free 15 minute session