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What to ask your mentor?

Do you want to schedule a session, but you are wondering what to talk with your mentor? We prepare some topics you can ask a marketing expert, and gain valuable advice for your career growth.

  • Would you review my resume, cover letter, or tell me some advice how to better prepare for my interview?

  • What are general skills that are required for your role or to start in this field?

  • You could ask about a current event or issue in your field of interest.

  • How did you start your career? How did you find your job?

  • What does your typical day look like?

  • What are your daily/monthly responsibilities?

  • What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

  • What is the one skill I should learn to make myself more marketable in this industry?

  • Who are the most important people, or what are the most important brands and companies in the industry?

  • What are the most recent developments in the industry?

What Our Client Say's

  • "I'm so grateful to be paired with my amazing Mentor, Diane Arnold. Ms. Arnold shared with me such valuable real-world knowledge that surpasses any information I can get from just a book. I always look forward to our meetings, not only are they memorable, but we always end them with a quote that has great significance in our lives."

    Fabien Huertas, Student Mentee ,
  • “My experience with the Mentor Program was amazing! I loved my mentor and she has taught me so much valuable information and given me such great career and life advice. I have been exposed to various different opportunities because of this program and I am overall very satisfied with the outcome.”

    Samantha Gonzalez, Student Mentee, ,
  • “The mentor program contributed to my professional development by giving me insight to aspects of marketing myself not just my degree. It also helped me develop relationships with other business professionals and expand my network.”

    Leonard Lee, Student Mentee ,
  • “The mentor has been a challenging asset and very instrumental to growing my professional career. Jordan and Taryn helped me find what my passion is within the supply chain industry. They gave me real life experience and skill sets to transition into the workforce confidence and motivated.”

    Samantha Hoover, Student Mentee ,

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