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Recognized “C” level international expert in media and strategic planning. Proven expertise in launching and building companies around the world. I join deep strategic planning, consumer insights, messaging and branding, digital and direct media to create measurably successful marketing and advertising efforts for a wide range of companies, products and brands.

My product launches include:

* Renault 5 TS (Spain)
* Iberia Airlines (Spain)
* LADA Automobiles (DR)
* Diet Coke (Mexico)
* Camel Cigarettes (Mexico)
* Colgate Total (Mexico)
* Fabuloso Cleaner (Mexico)
* L’Oreal: Plenitude & Lancome (Mexico)
* Quatro (Coca Cola Co) (Argentina)
* General Motors (Argentina)
* Oreo, Club Social (Nabisco) (Latin America)
* Glade (SCJ) (Latin America)
* Kingston Mini-Fun (Latin America)
* Visa & MasterCard (Latin America)

Successful High-stakes negotiation

* World Cup (Mexico, Pan-Regional Latin America)
* Formula 1 (Mexico)
* Other sports events (e.g., Copa Libertadores…)

If you are an ad agency, I have re-engineered dozens of bundled and unbundled media departments around the world, have created a dozen media standalone units and put together winning presentations that got over $385 million in new business. I have created several softwares and methodologies for managing strategic and media planning, multi-media optimization, evaluations for product placements, product integrations and much more. I have also trained dozens of media professionals.

Check out my story at www.marcelosalup.com



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