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Over 80% of leaders are open to outside feedback, yet only 30% have a coach.

If every highly-paid athlete has a coach, why doesn’t every leader?

There’s a misconception that leadership coaching is for beginners or learning soft skills. Not so. I help leaders, in high-demand environments, get a crystal-clear vision of their future and systematically upgrade their skills in the areas of: conflict management, listening, delegation, planning and talent development. Mastering each of these skills will require breaking through the fear and head trash standing between you and results that stick.

Creating Breakthrough requires you and I to ‘get real’ about what’s holding you back. You don’t have to be isolated in a “CEO bubble” stuck wondering if you’ll ever achieve your vision. Your Breakthrough can begin today.

My business partner I have created nine tools to help leaders turn their Definition of Success into a results-driven reality. You can read all about our process in the leadership book I coauthored called, “The Breakthrough: A Business Fable About Getting on the Same Page to Get Results That Stick”, on Amazon.com Mastering my nine, high-performance tools will turn teamwork breakdowns into breakthrough. You can start leading a passionate Tribe instead of lukewarm team. You will put an end to carrying your team on your back. You will stop being an overwhelmed leader, who feels no matter what you’re working on there’s something else you should be doing. I want to help you.I am serial entrepreneur and the cofounder of Breakthrough Leadership.

I have been a business leader for nearly 20 years and a cofounder of six other internet-based startup businesses. My past consulting clients have included Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Target, NASCAR, and the NBA. As a learner, I am always trying to demystify the leadership aspects of business.I’m a hiker and a golfer; married for 17 years with two children.

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