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Abhay Jain


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I am a strategy and innovation leader drawing from a diverse range of experiences across a decade in management consulting, strategy, innovation, product, operations, and finance resulting in a creative yet analytical approach to large global issues and opportunities.

Early in my career, I was one of the first few business hires at a biotech company that went public. Then, I transitioned to consulting where I found my groove helping business units in the federal government operate more efficiently. After which, I pursued a JD/MBA at Duke University through the prestigious Duda Family Scholarship.

After four years of internships across law, policy, finance, and consulting, I decided to build a data-driven start-up aimed at helping aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts in New York City. And, over the course of three years and with a team of 12, I was able to sell the company in January 2016.

Since then, I have served as a trusted advisor, relationship broker, and strategic decision-maker for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike during my tenure as a strategy consultant and as the head of strategic advisory at Pursuit, a boutique investment bank.

Having exited two high-growth companies and excelled in roles at banks and consultancies, I am excited to be building a new type of consultancy with Quire – providing both strategic and financial advisory to explore growth and financial transactions.

Please check out www.thequire.com to learn more, reach out at hello@thequire.com. 


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