Lead from your Values

Lead from your Values


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Leadership requires that you act with conviction when you’re under pressure. But how can you act with conviction if you haven’t identified your personal values? Not knowing your values can create internal conflict when you’re facing a difficult decision.

Let’s change that!

Using the Schwartz System of Personal Values, you can easily identify your core values. Once you identify your values, we will have three (3) coaching sessions to deepen your learning about how your values influence your decisions. Coaching session 1 is based on the Three Principles of perception, action, and will. Coaching session 2 will focus on how each value can support or hinder your performance. And coaching session 3 will put your core values in perspective of one another.

Your values can give you clarity during difficult circumstances and can keep you centered during upheaval. There’s nothing stopping you except yourself. Are you ready to lead from YOUR values?


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