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I am passionate about waking up the throngs of corporate zombies out there that are wishing their lives away. Where “I can’t wait for Friday” is a weekly mantra. And where “Happy Hour” is just a temporary, numbing band-aid. Life is SOOO much more than that! And I’m determined to help you build a business, career, and life around your strengths and what makes you come fully alive. Imagine getting paid well to do what comes naturally?

I’m here to create a fun, safe, and vibrant place where you can tackle your deepest fears openly and without judgment because that’s what you’ve been missing. You have the smarts and an audacious idea — now, you just need real support from real people who get where you are coming from. You are tired of corporate-speak and wearing a veil of perfection. Frankly, you are exhausted of the entire charade.

It’s time to turn on all of the spigots of your personality, creativity, talents and show up fully. For what feels like the first time.Imagine loving your Mondays because you are working and living a life that demands that you are completely yourself — and because of that you are valued.

I’m here to provide you with the coaching, inspiration, tools, and action steps that will move you concretely from vision to shining reality. And I’m all about doing it by having fun. What fills me with joy and happiness is to help someone believe in themselves again because I know that switch not only has positive benefits for that one person but also to all the people around that person. I find that truth powerful and inspiring.

In addition to coaching and graduating from the highly-respected Coaches Training Institute, I have 10+ years of experience as a marketing/brand strategist in Silicon Valley and NYC technology start-ups in the areas of online video, mobile, and digital technologies. My passion for business is only surpassed by my love of personal/organizatio­nal development and culture creation.


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