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My past experiences have helped me define the path in becoming a successful entrepreneur by helping startups and established businesses succeed. My goal is straight forward… to help serious business owners get more clients, close more sales and start using the internet effectively. I have the ability to find ANY small or medium-sized business $10,000 to $50,000 in additional revenue in less than 45 minutes – WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising. ***What this REALLY means: You will NOT make $10,000 in 45 minutes… By taking 45 minutes together, I WILL show you a few strategies that are hidden in your business that you have not tapped into yet to make a MINIMUM of $10,000. If you’re interested in seeing dramatic and immediate increases in leads, sales and revenue, I am ready when You are. For more info look at the 36 minute video on the first page of my site to see what my business academy that provides the tools, resources and training that will make any business the dominant player in their market.

If you want more leads than you can handle along with the ability to close new leads 80% of the time, I have a system that is tried, proven, tested and true. It’s being used right now by businesses all around the world.

Take the time now to visit our info listed here and get the full details that will position you as the dominant force in your market. For those who may ask why I switched from being a Business Coach to a Strategic Marketing Business Coach…here it is:

More than 95% of businesses have no idea how to generate leads and getting the right customer to their doors to buy. This is why 96% of businesses close their doors within 5 years.*** 20% of what you do in your business MUST bring in 80% of your revenue…if this is not the case, let’s get your show on the road starting today!

To YOUR success!


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