Perley-Ann Friedman

Perley-Ann Friedman


Product Description

I can help you and your organization get over your challenges, obstacles and barriers to growth.  No matter what your problem(s), once we recognize it, we can analyze the situation and strategically figure out how to move forward.

There are a variety of ways to do this analysis, either with one resource, or with a group.  It really depends on the organization, the challenges it faces, and the management structure of the organization.

I have successfully handled many types of challenges within organizations (including non-profits/charities), including:

– sourcing financial investments

– expansion and narrowing of services

– workplace abuse (harassment, bullying, bias behaviour and sexual abuse)

– leadership (how to strengthen current, and/or identify and nurture potential leaders for future advancement)

– marketing and promotion

– determining levels of customer outreach through social media and mailings


Is your organization at a stand-still or facing a challenge(s) that seems insurmountable?

I can help you answer the question ‘Where do we go from here? by helping you figure out how to resolve your challenges and move on.



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