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Pratik Juta


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For the last 6 years, I have transitioned from starting my own business with College Pro to being a business coach. Overseeing millions in revenue, along with the diversity of people I have interacted with, College Pro has acted as a catalyst for me to establish a business ecosystem. I wear many hats in my role, but to simplify, I am a business coach.

I help entrepreneurs with their first business venture from the initial startup, gaining clients, leading employees and going through overall operations. Through their journey, I guide them to make strategic business decisions, hold them accountable to their short-term goals in efforts to hit the long-term goals, and overall, problem solve. Some skills that I consider my strengths are:

Priority and Time Management
Performance and Growth Planning
Emotional Intelligence
Behaviour Interviewing
Relationship Selling
Systematizing Goals

I am young and energetic and constantly focus my efforts on development.

I hope that I can help!


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