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Robert Cipriano


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My professional experiences with people include training thousands in oral and written communication skills, computer applications like presentations, graphics and report writing, and managing project teams. All of that has taught me one thing: our personal and professional lives are projects, requiring plans. People need goals. They need to take responsibility for those goals by transforming them into manageable, achievable steps.

When I work with individuals from my base in Rhode Island (I was born and raised in New England and understand many of the challenges that stem from where we live), we apply a critical thinking process to successfully isolate goals and create a blueprint to achieve them. We begin with a complimentary telephone consultation to analyze issues, outline potential goals, and get an idea about what’s been going wrong. Then we move on to the goal-setting process, transforming vague ideas and hopes to actual steps for success. We follow all that with a little distance, then fine-tuning, revisions, enhancements, and the finalized plan. That’s followed by progress checks, more revisions if necessary, thanks to unforeseen obstacles, and ongoing email/phone updates.

I’ve learned that self-determination and self-development are the keys to personal growth, relationships, career planning and development, stress management, time management, motivation, artistic development, finances, budgeting, health, aging, lifestyle, self-care, family and parenting. When you take charge of yourself you can begin to take charge of whatever challenges are outside yourself.

There’s nothing more satisfying than making a plan and seeing it succeed. Especially when that plan embraces an individual’s life.


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