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Thomas MacDonald


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Are you HAPPY? Right now,

ONLY 33% of people would answer that question with a “YES.”

For some of us its hard to comprehend that more than 2/3 of people are dissatisfied with their lives, and yet, that’s the reality that many of us live in. Every day, millions of people wake up wishing that something in their lives – their financial situation, career path, health, or relationships – would change. They’re worried about the future, feel defeated, and wish there was a tangible solution for their problem.

At Nightingale Legacy, we know it can feel like the game is fixed against you… and that’s why we’re here with the guidebook. Through interactive content, innovative platforms, intuitive coaching, and engaging experiences, we fulfill our mission as relentless-dream makers, revealing the path to goal realization. With a rally cry of “raising the restless,”

Nightingale Legacy is dedicated to providing every individual with the tools they need to adjust their mindset and inspire actionable change. 67% of people can continue feeling unhappy, waiting for a miracle to happen while their lives pass them by. Or they can grasp the opportunity for life transformation and finally experience true satisfaction through personal freedom.

Tom is an accomplished senior executive and consultant with 25 years of success as a brand marketing and development professional. His background in a variety of industries – including startups, retail, product launches, e-commerce, healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing – has provided him with a unique platform to help clients drive their brand visibility, recognition, reputation and influences.

Whether a startup, or multi-national company, he takes a multi-faceted approach to logistics, distribution, process improvements, and product development in order to gain and retain customer support. Recognized for creative marketing and advertising efforts, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades.


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