Tyler Mongan

Tyler Mongan


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Developing the next generation of Futures Intelligent Leadership. Revolutionizing leadership strategic foresight practices and results through neuroscience, emotional intelligence, cognitive social behavior, and high-performance collaboration. Mapping the Neurobiology of Foresight and Strategy +
Constructing the Cognitive Architecture of Futures Intelligence.

Helping organizations Integrate relevant foresight data with organization strategy and innovation goals to drive real world results. Facilitating leadership collective knowledge and energy to solve deep and complex problems of the emerging future through consistent, workflow-tested, and results-driven processes.

Web: www.haku.global Podcast (Futures Intelligent Leadership): http://hakuglobal.buzzsprout.com


I am currently an APF Fellow (Association of Professional Futurists) researching the question, “will the great game move to the arctic by 2050?”

I am also the managing editor of Human Futures Magazine. A publication of the World Futures Society Federation (WFSF)


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