Willy Toro Quiroga

Willy Toro Quiroga


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Developments 1995- 2012
Co-founder and Comercial Manager at MW Chile Representaciones www.mwchile.cl
Dedicated to the represent and provide consultancy to more than 100 foreign producers in the automotive field, companies like Valeo, Visteon, Delphi, Ate, MTE, ITT Automotive, Continental, Easterns Catalytics, from different origins like Taiwan, France, Slovenia, Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, England, USA and others.

2005 – 2020
Founder and Past President 2 Nutriments Foundation www.2nutriments.org
Dedicated since January 2005 to help children in risk, orphans, children’s with special abilities with dawn syndrome , Asperger and autism , providing food for body and soul, establishing programs in Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, like EDUCA PERU, Just4Love, Medical Interventions, Musical Ciudadano, Theater Plays, etc

2009 – 2020
Founder and bishop of the Christian Charismatic Church ICC www.5ministerios.com
Established in Chile, with communities in Chile and Perú, his teachings reach 47 countries and he trained hundreds of ministers through the Bible Institute IB5M

2010 – 2013
International Relationist and Financial Director of the Chamber of Commerce CAREP AG www.carep.cl The Autoparts National Chamber of Commerce represents the autoparts field in Chile. MW was the first company to preside CAREP AG. Willy worked with all the commercial delegates of the embassies promoting bilateral commercial interchange and coordinating commercial trips to different countries like Brazil, Taiwan, USA, Germany.

2012 – 2017
Co Founder and CEO at Dreambox SPA www.dreambox.ws
Digital marketing agency with customers in Chile and Peru. 2014 – 2020
Founder at Piensa® Homeschool www.homeschool.com.pe
Piensa is a Homeschool platform that provides everything a family may need to succeed in homeschooling, with an online campus and more than 20.000 lessons for kids from 3 to 18 years according to the Ministry of Education requirements.

2014 – 2018 Founder and CEO Just4FUN SAC www.just4fun.ws
Advertising and network marketing company with nutritional supplements under the brands Just4Life® and Peruvian Arabica Coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum named Café Real®. Just 4 Fun was established in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brasil and Germany.

2015 – 2020 Founder and CEO at Maximize Neuroscience and Coaching® www.maximize.ws
Maximize® provides consultancy , training and coaching tools, with offices and juridic personality in Chile, Peru and Ecuador, with exclusive distributions like Accumatch (Canada) www.accumatch.org , Points of You®(Israel) www.pointsofyou.la and digital tools “Pixel”, “Alma” and “Dreams” for Phototherapy and Coaching.
Maximize® distribute physical coaching products in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador and digital tools worldwide . Maximize® works with students and coachees from Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Italy, Bolivia and Chile.
Willy did not only create all content for the Coaching Certification programs he also created a new Coaching methodology called LUDICA which mix Dramatherapy, Coaching, Mindfulness, Phototherapy and Storytelling with a digital platform and app called “Maximize Coaching” to access digital tools for online training and workshops.
Maximize is also a Government provider, worked with the Ministry of Education, UGEL, GREA, Essalud, Municipalidad de Arequipa, Municipalidad de Cayma, Municipalidad de Alto Selva Alegre, Municipalidad de Sachaca y con corporaciones como TISUR, Grupo Kalla, Corporacion Zolla, Grupo Diamante. Internationally we can name more than 100 customers for consultancy. www.training.maximize.ws www.xfactor.ws. www.xwaves.ws 2016 – 2020 Co founder America Libre www.americalibre.today
Founder of America Libre Movement, an organization dedicated to consulting and political training with a Diploma for Political Operators endorsed by the University Mayor of San Marcos in Lima Perú. America Libre trained 437 statesman. 2018 – 2020
Co-Founder and CEO Ahorro y Presto SAC BANKA® www.banka.pe
Banka® is a Fintech dedicated to Crowdlending, connecting investors with projects with an online platform. Books “Vacas Sagradas” 2015 (Holy Cows)
“Gracia” 2014 (Grace) Studies Graduated from the Deutsche Schule DSV 1992
Commercial Engineering 1993-1995 – UAI Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
Bach. in Theology – Moore College
Degree in Ministerial Theology – Domata School of Ministry Tulsa Oklahoma
Lic. BTSA – KBA The Human Resource Technology Company ICF
International Certification in Coaching – IAC
International Certification of Kinesic Coaching – Body Language Foundation
International Certification in NLP AUNLP
International Certification AccuMatch
International Certification Points of You Expert953247956


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