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I offer my intuitive gifts and over 28 years of experience exploring the mind and psyche, Vedic and metaphysical sciences, psychology and spirituality, to help you create an authentic, abundant and empowering life or business you LOVE!

I have developed a simple yet effective method to help you discover the hidden truths behind your dreams, desires and shortcomings, so you can understand what holds you back from accomplishing your goals and aspirations, and WHY. Once you understand this, you can see your mental patterns clearly, how they weave your reality, and recognize your power to transform them.

I used to see myself as a well-educated and independent business owner, until my marriage fell apart and I realized how dis-empowered, self-effacing and codependent I had become. That grieving process allowed me to integrate the pieces of my life puzzle into an empowering story from which I can now draw clarity, motivation and direction. And I KNOW I can help you do the same!

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life and know the ins and outs of starting and growing a business, and most importantly, of shaping a service oriented business that is both profitable and empowering.

If you are conscious, creative, and spiritual, I can help you create a unique, successful and visionary business that resonates with who you are and integrates all you have to offer, so can position yourself to stand out.

If you understand your life path from a spiritual perspective, you can rewrite your story to create the life or business that resonates with who YOU truly are, as opposed to who-you-think-you-should-be to fulfill other people’s expectations. Your mindset has to change for you to shape and experience a new reality, and I can guide and support you in that process.


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