Book a career coach mentor for your school

Book a career coach mentor for your school

Whether your school is a technical school, or a high school, or an institution of higher learning, we have career coaches who can address your students and not only inspire them but guide them.

Do you want your students to have their eyes on a definite career goal? And to be excited about it? We can help.

Even if your students have a general idea of the field they want to work in, they may not know specifically where within that field they want to find themselves after graduation.

Let’s take nursing as an example. Does a particular student want to be a hospital nurse, a nurse in a doctor’s office, an industrial nurse, a school nurse, or a private duty nurse? Or maybe a nurse in the armed forces? Even if she or he knows she wants to work in a hospital, does she want to be an Emergency Room nurse, a floor nurse, an Operating Room nurse, an obstetrical nurse…?

The same principle applies to many other fields as well.

But what if your school is a high school rather than a technical school or institution of higher learning? In that case, your students may very well not have any idea yet of what they want to do with their lives after graduating. What career should they pursue? What institution should they apply to next to further their education?

Here’s where one of our career coaches can prove very useful.

Whether you hire someone to address an assembly en masse, or bring them in for one-on-one guidance, or have them address small groups, a career coach can help bring your students’ futures into sharper focus and give them not only direction but motivation.

After all, it’s much more likely they’ll apply themselves to their studies once they’re working toward a specific goal.

So give your students the academic boost they need by booking a career coach/mentor to come and address them. It’s entirely your call whether you bring one of our coaches/mentors in to address the entire student body or work with students one-on-one. The important thing is to give your students the information and motivation they need to select not only a future field to work in (medicine, business, information technology, education, or ??) but also the specific career within that field where they best fit in.

Remember: A motivated student is a better student!

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